July 1: 3.3 percent pay increase

July 1: 3.3 percent pay increase


One of the major part of your unions resources is allocated to the work that goes into ensuring that you receive an annual wage increase.

Many months of preparation goes into developing the claim that goes before the Fair Work Commission’s Annual Review Panel.

Whilst United Voice sought a wage increase of 13.5% (around $87 more per week for those on minimum wages) the Employer Groups were arguing for an increase of as little as 1.2%

The FWC bases it decision on a range of economic factors and legal principles. Unions need the best lawyers to run the case to bring compelling argument and evidence. It all costs big money but to mix it with the large national employer organizing representing the big end of town we have to have the resources to do it.

It takes the contributions of the many union members who rely on the national wage increase to help meet the increased cost of living to make the case successful. In addition to this increase Canberra Casino members have succeeded in protecting the higher than Award weekend and shift penalties that are currently under attack.

So a big thank you to every financial member of our union and we invite others to join with us in the fight for fair wages.