MAURICE BLACKBURN CASE: United Voice member wins additional $100k

MAURICE BLACKBURN CASE: United Voice member wins additional $100k


Sally* was a cook at an early childhood centre.  Over many years,  the  lifting of heavy pots and boxes at work caused an injury to her back.  She continued working as long as she could and claimed workers compensation, receiving payments for time off work and for the treatment she needed.  

Eventually, Sally’s doctor put her on restricted duties with no heavy lifting. The workers compensation insurer then sent Sally to a specialist doctor who said she had recovered from her injury and that her symptoms had nothing to do with work. The insurer then stopped payments and the employer started making things very difficult for Sally at work. Her job was at risk, causing Sally emotional and financial pressure.

United Voice referred Sally to Maurice Blackburn Lawyers. We challenged the insurer’s decision to stop her payments in the Industrial Court and the employer backed off.  We were able to get a court date fairly quickly and negotiated a payment to Sally of $100,000 on top of what she had already received from the workers compensation insurer. Around the same time, Sally got a new boss at work and things are much better for her now.

Obtaining the right legal advice is important. If something happens to you or your colleagues, remember to contact your union, United Voice, which can arrange a free legal referral to Maurice Blackburn Lawyers for advice.

* Sally not member's real name. Changed for confidentiality reasons.