MAURICE BLACKBURN CASE: United Voice member wins $190K

MAURICE BLACKBURN CASE: United Voice member wins $190K


Franco * worked for a large group of clubs where one of his job was clearing coins from poker machines. The method Franco had to use to do so caused an injury to his knees.

Franco claimed workers compensation for time off work and treatment and his claim was accepted. Franco was also placed on restricted duties by his doctor which made things easier for him to work.

United Voice referred Franco to Maurice Blackburn Lawyers and we disputed the weekly rate the workers compensation insurer had calculated for Franco’s time off as well as non-payment of some treatment expenses.

We got a Court date and, on that morning, the insurer agreed to pay what we claimed.  We also said that it was an unsafe system of work and claimed common law damages in a separate claim in the ACT Supreme Court. 

A few weeks ago we were able to negotiate a settlement of $190,000 on top of what Franco had already been paid by the workers compensation insurer.  Franco is now working somewhere else.

Obtaining the right legal advice is important. If something happens to you or your colleagues, remember to contact your union, United Voice, which can arrange a free legal referral to Maurice Blackburn Lawyers for advice.

* Franco not member's real name. Changed for confidentiality reasons.