Tell Secom's Managing Director, Daisuke Imahoko, to stop the implementation of this new, unsafe roster - sign the petition!

Secom didn’t consult guards on last-minute changes to their rosters at the Tuggeranong buildings of Services Australia (DHS).

These changes could impact sleeping patterns, generating fatigue, reduce overall hours, cut take home pay, and impede caring responsibilities.

Peter Martin, a Secom guard who has recently been diagnosed with cancer and has a newborn baby to care for, doesn’t know how he’ll make it to his chemotherapy treatments.


"We don't want millions and millions of dollars. We just want to be treated fairly," says Peter,"I just want to go to work and feed my family. We don't want to buy Ferraris."

Secom's changes to the roster will have real life, negative consequences for the guards and their families. 

Sign the petition calling on the Managing Director, Daisuke Imahoko to stop the implementation of a roster that will negatively impact Peter and his fellow guards.